Government & Regulatory Engagement

The IAGC supports and fosters science- and risk-based regulations consistent with existing practices that are proven to be environmentally responsible, effective and operationally feasible.

As the cornerstone of the energy and oil and gas industries, the IAGC works vigorously towards fair and objective industry practices regulatory measures in effort to help balance the world’s increasing demand for energy with global environmental goals. As the global trade association representing all segments of the geophysical and exploration industry, the IAGC represents member companies that are essential to discovering and delivering the world’s energy resources.

Policy and Regulation

The IAGC Member Resources include documents and helpful resources developed for IAGC members for engagement on policy and regulatory issues. These resources are just one of the benefits provided from membership to the association and are intended to assist in enhancing and maintaining freedom to operate for the G&E industry.

Click here for access to IAGC’s monthly regulatory monitoring reports, regulatory and permitting resources, mitigation guidelines, and related public advocacy materials and fact sheets.

Country- Specific G&E Authorization Resources

The IAGC provides for its members a non-exhaustive permitting and authorizations reference for G&E companies when reviewing legal and regulatory structures for specific considerations in obtaining authorization and carrying out exploration activities.

Click here for access to IAGC’s country-specific geophysical and exploration authorization resources.

Global Treaty Organizations and Conventions

As part of the IAGC Strategic Plan, we continue to expand our global presence in order to maintain and enhance our members’ freedom to operate, the IAGC works with and participates in appropriate treaty organizations. Because multiple nations participate in treaty organizations which provide a forum for engagement, our participation provides greater efficiency and effectiveness. Regulations and policies implemented by treaty often become legally-binding amongst member nations. Treaty organizations have come to play a very significant role in international political systems and global governance. As such, the IAGC continues to work through these organizations to ensure only science-based measures are implemented for the regulation of the G&E industry.

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