As global energy demand evolves, the EnerGeo Alliance believes that all policy makers and energy companies providing mainstay, alternative, and low carbon energy solutions should have access to reliable data and analysis to support their energy development and sustainability goals.

As the international representative of the energy geoscience industry, the EnerGeo Alliance ensures the collective membership has a voice and access with key political decision-makers. We engage our stakeholders and encourage evidence-based policy on key issues for the industry.
We advocate for law, policy and system outcomes that bring win-win solutions to the forefront.

Chris Usher
President & CEO

The EnerGeo Alliance supports and fosters science-based and risk-based regulations along with applicable laws consistent with existing practices that are proven to be environmentally responsible, effective, and operationally feasible.

The EnerGeo Alliance works vigorously on behalf of the energy geoscience industry for fair and objective regulatory measures balancing the world’s increasing demand for energy with environmental objectives.


The EnerGeo Alliance’s positions address key issues within the energy geoscience industry and the EnerGeo Alliance’s stance on these issues.


The EnerGeo Alliance works to advance the industry’s freedom to operate by engaging governments and stakeholders worldwide.

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U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act

While the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) was enacted in the United States of America in response to declines of some marine mammal species, it was never designed to regulate sound in the marine environment and geoscience surveys. Despite the fact that not one marine mammal in U.S. waters has gone extinct in the more than 40 years since the MMPA became law, today the energy geoscience industry is heavily restricted by the Act. It’s time to Modernize MMPA.

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