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Health. Work. Economy. Safety. Technology. Home. Travel and Transportation. Sports and Entertainment. Energy is essential for life. Affordable, accessible and reliable energy is critical to societal well-being and progress, saving lives and lifting the world out of poverty. The work of the energy geoscience industry makes a better quality of life possible.

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Geophysical or seismic surveys have been used around the world extensively for more than five decades for petroleum and natural gas exploration. Survey activities are temporary and transitory and are the safest way to explore the earth’s geology and its dynamic processes which impact human lives.

Driving Global Exploration and Production

Seismic surveys are the cornerstone of the petroleum and natural gas industry. Modern seismic technology is vital to exploring for energy resources, making it essential to producing the energy needed to meet the needs of the world. Seismic surveys help to find, drill and produce petroleum and natural gas with the least possible effect to the earth, reducing potential safety and environmental risks.


Also known as onshore surveys, land seismic surveys can be safely conducted across many types of terrain.


Also known as offshore surveys, marine seismic surveys have been conducted extensively for more than 50 years worldwide.

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