COVID-19 Response: Regulatory Actions

Policy Engagement: Global Impact, United Response

​Regulatory and legislative policy decisions made in this crisis will have lasting impacts on nations and the world economies for months, if not years, to come. The IAGC is working around the clock with governments around the world to develop and implement COVID-19 response policies that address the critical needs of the G&E industry.

IAGC Addresses Industry Travel Restriction Concerns Related to COVID-19 with Government Officials

  • Trades letter sent on 27 October to Qatar on crew changes. Click here to read.
  • Joint letters sent to the Argentina President Minister of Health, Minister of Energy and Minister of Transport petitioning the Argentinean government to grant exemption of oil and gas industry workers from its entry restrictions of foreigners.
  • Recognition of joint letter with IAGC, IADC, IMCA, IOGP, AND ISOA calling for designation of personnel in the offshore energy sector as ‘Key Personnel’ and setting out a recommended framework of protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel.
  • United States – G&E Industry and Trades Express Unified Concerns on Travel Restrictions:  Global Level 4 Health Advisory, Ramifications for Global Oil & Natural Gas Operations: To read the letter, click here.
  • Brazil – G&E industry and trades weigh in on travel restrictions letter to the Minister of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure, requesting industry exemptions from travel restrictions in the country, for energy industry personnel. To read the letter click here. In addition, IAGC also submitted letters to the Minister of EconomyMinister of Mines and Energy and ANP.
  • Restrictions to Oil & Gas personnel to enter the country have been lifted. Click here to read the ordinance.
  • Joint letter with IAGC, IADC, IMCA, IOGP, AND ISOA communicating about IMO’s calling for the governments to consider offshore energy sector personnel as “key workers”, to facilitate their movement during the pandemic, not applying entry restrictions.

IAGC Petitions Nations Around the Globe for Regulatory Relief and Certainty, Including Permits and Authorizations Extension and Support for Providing Options for Securing Financial Stability

  • Letter to the National Hydrocarbons Commission in Mexico to request reinforcement/ extension of Commercialization Period (Seismic Acquisition and Re imaging Periods)
  • Following on our efforts in Brazil we forwarded to the authorities the letter requesting taxes incentives. The letter was to the Mines and Energy Ministry, to the Ministry of Economy and to the Presidency/Chief of Staff. The latter, informed that forwarded to the Sub-Secretaries of Analysis and Monitoring of Government Policies and Articulation and Monitoring of the Chief of Staff of the Presidency of the Republic.
  • Letter sent to the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy on the announcement of 17th Lease Round for areas for oil and natural gas exploration and production.
  • Letter sent to the Brazilian government reinforcing our 6 April 2020 request for extension of non-exclusive seismic data confidentiality term. To read the letter click here. ​
  • Letter to the Scottish Energy Minister focused on financial tools. Click here to read.
  • Response from the Scottish Energy Minister. Click here to read.
  • Letter to the Oil and Gas Authority focused on financial tools. Click here to read.
  • Letter to U.S. President, Donald J. Trump: Many sectors of global industry have been severely and detrimentally impacted, in particular, the global energy sector has seen dramatic reductions in the price of oil, exacerbated in part by geopolitical tensions.  To read the letter, click here.
  • ​Letter to UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Alok Sharma MP: on the impact of COVID-19 on the industry. Click here to read the letter.
  • Letter to Norway Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Ministry of Finance, NPD, NOROG, and Norwegian Shipowners’ Association.
  • Letter to Danish Energy Agency Director General Kristoffer Böttzauw on securing financial stability, including making insured, government backed loans available at low interest rates for short term liquidity requirements.
  • Letters to Australian government authorities in the Northern TerritorySouth AustraliaVictoriaWestern Australia and to Australia’s Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia Keith Pitt.
  • Letter to the Director of the Faroese Geological Survey in Faroe Islands.
  • Letters to nations in the Middle East include: ​Cyprus and Lebanon.
  • Similar letters were sent to respective agencies in the following 14 African nations:

IAGC and AEC Urge African Nations to Maintain Expected Timelines for Licensing Rounds

The IAGC and African Energy Chamber (AEC) issued joint call-to-action letters to the following 13 African nations to request that each nation maintain expected timelines for licensing rounds, which includes all review periods and award announcements:

International Trade Associations Successful in Requesting IMO Action on Key-Worker Designation

Response letter from Canada on IMO letter
Publication of a circular letter on behalf of offshore energy sector personnel