EnerGeo Alliance Programs increase efficiencies, reduce waste and provide consistent industry-wide standards and best practices which improve performance while decreasing costs of permitting and compliance. 

The U.S. Gulf of Mexico Proactive Regulatory and Observational Program (GOM-PROP) provides regulatory support for all companies with exploration and/or production activities in the GOM, with particular focus on the needs of the members of the EnerGeo Alliance, the American Petroleum Institute (API), the Offshore Operators Committee (OOC), and the National Offshore Industry Association (NOIA) as the leading trade associations for companies with operations in the region. 

The Program creates and maintains a long-term, self-sustaining framework to ensure regulatory stability in the GOM, based on industry-collected observer data and the best available science, maximizing environmental benefit while minimizing industry burden of compliance so operations can be conducted in a safe and commercially viable manner. Participation in the program is voluntary with an annual subscription fee and is open to members of the associations and non-members. LEARN MORE

GOM-PROP Program Brochure
GOM-PROP Executive Report 2023
GOM-PROP Executive Report 2022

Netuno is a Brazil Environmental Database ProgramNetuno enhances compliance with Brazilian Environmental and Renewable Resources Institute’s (IBAMA) Terms of Reference (ToRs) requirements and makes accessible to stakeholders a standardized compilation of all environmental data that has been collected since 2005.   

Participation in Netuno is voluntary and open to EnerGeo Alliance members and non-members for an annual subscription fee. EnerGeo Alliance Governing and Industry Partner members receive a substantial discount for their participation. LEARN MORE

Netuno Program Brochure
Netuno Executive Report 2022 – English
Netuno Executive Report 2022 – Portuguese

The Seismic Efficiency Initiative & Safety Program (SEIS) provides specific counsel-approved initiatives, best practices and standards to promote environmental protection, safety and efficiency within the Energy Geoscience Industry. The Program incorporates shared audits and inspections, standardized vessel specifications report, standardized HSSE call for tender questionnaire, and HSSE performance statistics all within the SEIS Database for use by program members. The SEIS Program provides a suite of products through the SEIS Program to provide efficiencies including saving the industry tens of thousands of hours over the next decade, thereby enabling more time to be spent on project-specific solutions.  

The EnerGeo Alliance’s SEIS Program is exclusive to EnerGeo Alliance members for an annual subscription fee for service. LEARN MORE

SEIS Program Brochure