The Energy Geoscience Industry’s Role in the Energy Evolution

The EnerGeo Alliance recognizes the importance of environmental stewardship and the integral part the energy geoscience industry plays in responding to the potential global health and safety risks associated with a dynamic climate.

The energy geoscience industry is a critical partner in energy modernization and the energy evolution. Beyond identifying and ensuring increased recovery of hydrocarbons, geophysical surveys image the subsurface to provide critical information for numerous industrial and scientific activities, including assessing the effects of coastal erosion, determining sites for offshore wind farms, exploring for critical minerals required for alternative and new energy technologies, and locating appropriate sites for CO2 capture and sequestration.

Geophysical surveys directly support and are critical to the implementation of policies seeking to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

The energy geoscience industry is a leader in the management and execution of our supply chains that span the globe and with a record of extraordinary compliance and assurance with human rights standards, the industry is an important part of solutions aimed at responding to a changing climate.

​As they work to improve the lives of the world’s citizens by enabling the safe discovery and delivery of the world’s energy resources while helping to address and manage the risks of a dynamic climate, the EnerGeo Alliance’s members are committed to improving the human condition and recognize that global environmental stewardship is a key part of this commitment.