Real World Benefits

The energy geoscience industry ensures plenty of energy resources are safely located, produced and turned into services that help to lift the world’s citizens out of poverty and the more than 6,000 products that are essential in our everyday lives. The energy geoscience industry is comprised of dedicated, ethical, and talented professionals who are your neighbors in communities throughout the world and work hard to find and produce the energy the world demands. That is exactly why energy starts here.

Stephan Midenet

I cannot imagine a world without geophysics. Our technology is used across multiple disciplines to improve the quality of human life around the globe, including geothermal energy and groundwater reservoirs and petroleum and natural gas. There are few things more important than contributing to lifting people out of poverty by exploring and delivering the energy they need for life’s necessities. Access to affordable energy impacts our everyday life and can mean the difference between life and death in some cases. Our work matters to the world, and it is a great feeling to know we are a part of the solution that positively impacts families around the world.

Stephan Midenet

Because Energy Starts Here, You Can…

Petroleum & Natural Gas in Everyday Life

The use of petroleum and natural gas is so central to our lives that we often do not recognize just how essential it is. There is no question that this affordable, abundant and reliable source of energy is responsible for enriching the quality of life and wellbeing for people all over the world where they have access. Even alternative and new energy sources depend on the petroleum and natural gas industry and cannot exist without us. Petroleum and natural gas make solar panels and wind turbines possible, and it takes petroleum-based vehicles to transport and construct the components, not to mention being the backup source for electricity when there is no sun or wind.

When you hear people say “we just don’t need petroleum and natural gas anymore; those are energy sources of the past,” do you ever think about what they are really saying? Have you ever tried to live your life absent of all things petroleum and natural gas? Well if you have or if you haven’t, let’s take a look at what that would really mean.

  • You might not expect to find petroleum and natural gas products in your local hospital, but they are essential to saving lives. MRI machines, medical tubing and other medical equipment are made from petroleum-based components. Even certain medications include petroleum components.
  • The materials in toothbrushes and running shoes are made from petrochemicals produced when petroleum is refined.
  • Materials used to make nylon, elastic, rayon, polyester and even “permanent press” items come from petroleum.
  • If you wear glasses, the lenses and frames were probably made using a derivative of crude petroleum.
  • If you took a walk today, more than likely those shoes have petroleum products in them.
  • Without petroleum and natural gas, your smartphone wouldn’t be smart at all. And because our devices are seldom off, that means there is a constant demand for reliable electricity, a significant portion of which is generated from natural gas.
  • From the plastic it takes to make your phone to the very power that operates it, petroleum is helping to keep the world connected and communicating.
  • Modern golf balls, golf bags, footballs, football cleats, artificial turf, basketballs, tennis rackets, skis, soccer balls and many other pieces of sports equipment are all made, in part with petroleum.