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Seismic surveys are the cornerstone of the petroleum and natural gas industry and essential for safe and efficient energy exploration. Since first helping to find petroleum in Oklahoma in 1928, seismic surveying has proven to be a safe and most reliable exploration technique. The benefits of seismic technology make it a vital tool for optimizing production, minimizing environmental risk, and reducing costs for energy companies throughout the entire exploration and production lifecycle. This enables the energy geoscience industry to deliver safe and affordable energy to you and the rest of the world.

Katja Akentieva

If you were to take a random sample of people from all over the world, and ask them what seismic data is, how it is obtained and what its purpose is, I suspect the results would be somewhat disappointing. Bringing knowledge about the energy geoscience industry and specifically seismic methods to our communities is important because our work is absolutely essential for people and governments to understand the resource potential in a given basin, and there is no credible way to do it without conducting a seismic survey.

Katja Akentieva
Vice President, Business Development

Driving Global Energy

Seismic surveying is the driving force of global energy exploration because the data generated help energy companies achieve greater success. Energy exploration is a very expensive undertaking, and companies want to improve their chances of finding the energy resource. Seismic surveying has revolutionized the energy industry by helping energy companies to lower the costs of finding the resource and enabling them to locate resources that cannot be located by any other means. This means that energy users can have affordable accessible energy. Because seismic surveys now turn what once were energy impossibilities into energy reality, companies continue to rely on seismic survey data to safely locate and develop the world’s energy resources energy resources.

Seismic survey activity is safe and delivers results. Energy Starts Here!


Geophysical surveys have been used around the world for more than five decades. These surveys determine characteristics of the earth’s subsurface by measuring the physical differences between rock types or physical changes without seeing them directly by digging, drilling, or tunneling.


Also known as onshore surveys, land seismic surveys are safely conducted across many types of terrain.


Also known as offshore surveys, marine seismic surveys have been conducted extensively for more than 50 years worldwide.

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Health. Work. Economy. Safety. Technology. Home. Travel and Transportation. Sports and Entertainment. Energy is essential for life. Affordable, accessible and reliable energy is critical to societal well-being and progress, saving lives and lifting the world out of poverty. The work of the energy geoscience and exploration industry makes a better quality of life possible.

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Environmental Stewardship

Care for the environments in which we work is paramount. The energy geoscience industry is committed to conducting operations in an environmentally responsible manner and works to reduce the industry’s footprint and to continually improve environmental performance.

IAGC - Land Stewardship

Land Stewardship

The energy geoscience industry takes its land stewardship responsibility seriously and promotes the sound management of environmental and cultural resources.

IAGC - Marine Stewardship

Marine Stewardship

The members of the EnerGeo Alliance support marine environmental stewardship measures that are proportionate to the potential risk and based on the best available science to minimize any potential impact of industry operations.